Alexander, Lynn, Ryan and Henry

"Vineyard" by Lynn Miller


Over decades of writing, painting and working on environmental and farming issues, I have found myself returning to a simple question, the answer to which I am affixed. The question is: Is this a beneficial thing I do and is it alive? If the answer be yes then I feel I have either accomplished something or at least succeeded in doing no harm. If the writing reads even slightly different with each visit, may I say it is alive? If the painting seems as though it breathes and shifts and answers back, may I say it is alive? If the work-politic wants to fit the urgency with due sympathy, may I say it is alive?


The View Towards: a case for painting / 100 images


Roots in a Lovely Filth:   book three of Duden chronicles


Ten Acres Enough

A Farm for Free: essays

Horsedrawn Drills and Planters


Working on landscapes, interiors, interior/exterior conversations, trees, flowers and the human visage. Will return to painting bugs.



Buckwheat as green manure crop